Unofficial news:

24.11.2003  Deboot

hm, it looks like we did it once again ... so, we're running still and forth :o)

28.5.2003  Deboot

due to domain registration changes, it may be possible, that the domain www.sequencer.sk won't be available till the end of this year. anyway, we'll try to do our best to fix this problem as soon as possible and we'll try to let you know about the domain change or anything else. in case you need information or have any problems, please contact us at sequencer@deboot.sk

24.2.2002  goralka

Yesterday, we have closed ourselves for 12 hours into a sound studio with our new singer Amanda Freestyler and besides being nutty already at 11 (now, try to listen to 2 tracks over and over again..personally, I still hear it in my head :o) we have at least a feeling of a well done job.. :o)
..so, you have something to enjoy waiting for ...:o)

30.12.2001  Deboot

fanCLUB members ... fill in your login and log in! :o)

15.12.2001  Deboot

Recently we have decided that we need a manager. And somehow, goralka flew into our way at that time, so she's the one. :o) That means, if you have any questions, forward them right to her address. Btw, fanCLUB is goralka's job now, too.

01.11.2001  Deboot

I have played a while with Internet Explorer and came to an idea of changing the top right animated logo to Sequencer logo. It doesn't look so bad :o) If you want to change it also, just get it from Downloads and install ...

12.10.2001  Deboot

enough! :o) you got me upset, so I decided to make a version in higher resolution for people with higher income or overstandard working environment. so :o) but it will take a while ... :o)

17.9.2001  Deboot

changing image :o) we have changed the logo and logotype a bit and fully redesigned the site :o) so ... the fanclub rules changed, too ... download is accessible for anyone, but backstage infos, unofficial news and info on raw material for new tracks is available only for registered ones... so ... it's on you :o)

17.7.2001  Deboot

After a small break caused by disc array of our provider, we are back! At least one thing came good out of this. Finally, I found time to optimize the pages for various browsers. After a bit of voodoo and black magic, the site should look the same in Navigator (6) and Opera (5), too. Starting now, all full mp3 songs will be accessible only for FanCLUB registered surfers. The IRC channel #sequencer, running on IRCNet servers, works, other things should also. If something, contact me.