Bratislava, Slovak republic, Europe


Happy Hardcore, Melodic Trance, Instrumental Europop, Rave

Yamaha Mu-10 a EMU-Orbit; CakeWalk, Cool Edit Pro 2000, Sound Forge 4.5

Officially, foundation of Sequencer formation is dated to middle of August 2000. That's when jonHI chatting with Daniel got mikie's phone number. He decided to use the given contact number and called. They both, sitting in a pub and drinking beer, decided to found a whole new musical formation named Sequencer as an answer to Slovak and outland's music scenes. They released a few songs, being rotated in several radios and downloaded by mp3.com users. This led to a brand new domain - www.sequencer.org.

September 14., 2000, their first PROMO CD with the name Digital Dreamland comes out. It contains 5 songs of different genre, from instrumental europop to happy hardcore. This CD was received very positively and recorded songs were also played at Vienna's disco clubs. This encouraged the group so much they enthusiastically started work on a new song. At this time, macko, as a new member, entered the formation. In a short time after a few online chats, Deboot, as a designer responsible for graphics and formation image, joined the three.

October 28., 2000, Club 39 (one of Bratislava's discoclubs) lives with the presentation of a new maxi-single named Trance Formation, containing 5 different remixes and versions. This is also a breaking point in the group, because the single is basically the first product of the whole group, introducing a new Sequencer logo.

In summer of 2001, a renewed copy of Trance Formation was released. It presents an improved logo and has a new inlay, corresponding with the website color and contains a bonus song called Electrophobe. In September, the org domain finishes its work for Sequencer. All links head to www.sequencer.sk now. Also, the website changed its look to fully reflect the energy and creativity of the group. The logotype changes its look, too.

Trance Formation 2001 is actually the last officially released thing. The group members are already working on a few new projects, but nothing is finished yet.